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Reel Festivals collaborates with artists working in areas in conflict to celebrate diversity, build solidarity and create dialogue with audiences internationally. We organise live events to explore alternative stories through direct interaction and shared experiences. Previous events have focused on Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, with a central focus on poetry, music and film.



Latest News: Travelling through someone else’s dreams

Afshan Sajjad

November 26th was a very pleasant and cool evening in Lahore. We were together to present our own poetry and the translation of each other’s poems at the final event of ‘Lahore to Glasgow: New Poetry in Translation’ at the Alhamra Art Centre in Lahore. Hall 3 at the Alhamra centre was full of a university students and art and literature lovers. The response of audience to our poems was overwhelming.


More Recent News

Dec 2014

1 am in Lahore

1am in Lahore and the weather update on my phone says dreary, a description that doesn’t fit anything I’ve experienced in the last few days. I haven’t slept much since arriving four days ago, with fellow Glasgow poet Jim Carruth, my head is too full of colour, noise, flavours, words and the wifi works best at night so I’ve been looking up names and places that have come up in conversation and filling my notebook so I don’t forget what I’ve seen and heard.

Nov 2014

Climbing the minaret of the mosque of Wazir Khan in the dark

Great care is taken to welcome all those who journey to Lahore so the gates in Lahore Fort were built to accommodate those arriving by elephant.

And precision and the journey seem to be the watchwords that have shaped our time here in this vibrant city with a population double that of Scotland.

Nov 2014

Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop

Last night we visited the puppet-tastic Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop and Peeru’s Cafe in Lahore. For over thrity years the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop has been at the forefront of the arts scene in Lahore, with a focus on puppets and puppetry.

Nov 2014

Welcome to Lahore!

Highlight Arts are in Lahore to work on a translation project with Sang-e-Meel and the British Council in Lahore. Ryan and Dan tell us how it’s going so far

Nov 2014

Glasgow to Lahore – New Poems in Translation

Highlight Arts is excited to be working with four poets on a poetry translation project in Lahore, Pakistan together with Sang-e-Meel publishers and supported by British Council. We are coordinating a week of poetry translation workshops with two poets based in Lahore, and two poets based in Glasgow. Following the workshops new poetry produced will [...]

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    Travelling through someone else’s dreams


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    1 am in Lahore


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    Climbing the minaret of the mosque of Wazir Khan in the dark


    Vicki Feaver:

    Found in Translation, a reflection on the process


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