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Refocus – Exhibition in Edinburgh during Reel Festivals

We are very happy to announce another great event as part of Reel Festivals 2011. We will be hosting an exhibition of photographs taken by children and young people during Refocus workshops held in Syria. Refocus is a grassroots organisation running participatory photography courses for minority groups and marginalised people. We aim to improve awareness of the plight of others and create dialogue, both in their communities and globally. Our workshops addressed issues of identity, respect, gender equality, children’s’ rights and social integration.


Refocus worked in collaboration with UNCICEF on this project.

“The best thing about this workshop was the freedom, the freedom to photograph and the freedom to speak out.”  Kyljeen Abdo 19, Syrian.

The exhibition will be held at the Filmhouse Cinema and runs from 16.5.11 until 12.6.11.


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  1. Commenter's Avatar Fiona Hamilton

    It is fantastic to see the Exhibition Photos from this project going to Edinburgh. I saw it in Porto, then it went to Madrid. Might be able to catch it again on the 16 May!

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